My work helps you move beyond the now

and into your greatest joy, healing + happiness


I've spent years honing my craft as a Reiki Master Teacher, meditation creator, law of attraction expert and tarot reader and can't wait to share it all with you!


"Marissa is a true, genuine healer. I felt calmer and more peaceful after each session. She allowed me to see an aspect of myself that I never thought existed. She has a warm and welcoming glow about her. I would recommend her to anyone and everyone! You will never regret a session with her. It is a magical experience.” 

"Marissa is downright magical. I have been to many tarot/psychic/palm readers throughout my life, but no one has been able to look at my big picture, and share with me my story in a positive, glass-half-full way like her. I go to her when times are rough, I go to her when times are happy, and each time, we are able to connect in a way that pulls me forward. I've always had a deep connection with my grandmother, and every time Marissa and I speak she comes forward and delivers exactly the message I need at that time."

"Working with Marissa was like connecting with a long lost sister and moving spiritual mountains within myself! This was such a beautiful, transformative experience that brought so much to the surface and satisfied so many things I didn't even know needed my attention."

"Marissa’s coaching has done what 15 years of therapy hasn’t been able to do: clear up negative beliefs and transform my life.  I feel really connected to the universe and believe that I have the power to create the life of my dreams.  Coaching with Marissa has changed my outlook on life and my friends have noticed too! I wake up every morning believing my life is great! It is a beautiful feeling and it hasn’t gone away. I feel so blessed to have met Marissa.  She is full of wisdom and you will come away feeling renewed every time you see her.”