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© 2019 by Marissa Bognanno


[You can find this course listed as The Secret to Effortless Manifestation on Insight Timer!]

Join me for this 10 day audio course that will help you learn the fundamentals of manifestation while enjoying blissful, mind-opening meditation! It's a spiritually-inclined multitasker's dream.

You will receive:

  • instant download of 10 professionally recorded audio tracks (over 120+ minutes!) 

  • detailed introduction at the beginning of every track explaining a specific manifestation technique

  • guided meditation in every track with soothing accompanying music

  • easy, follow-along instructions

I designed this course to be enjoyable and help you attract what you want effortlessly. ​

Over the years, I have found that meditation is the one thing that amplifies my manifestation skills more than any other practice. I have created jobs, love, apartments, trips and much more, all through using the power of my own focus.


I want to share all of my techniques for bringing this bounty and joy to your life, too. You will not only fine-tune your meditation skills, but also learn how to be the creator of your own reality!


Get ready to use the power of your mind and emotions to attract while also receiving all of the wonderful health benefits that come from meditation, as well.

that's me having a meditation moment in utah!

how meditation can

help you

  • As you can see from the photo, meditation can be done anywhere - any time. We were on a road trip at the time and without meditation I probably would have been a nervous wreck!

  • It can help you self-soothe and release the tension you may be holding from life. Meditation has helped me during painful loss, life transitions and physical illness.

  • And it can provide meaningful insight to help you understand yourself and how to find powerful solutions to help you. I always get the best ideas when I meditate!

the meditate + manifest course

Day 1: Deep Relaxation + Physical Rest

Physical relaxation is like clearing and organizing; it helps us to clear away the debris of our mind. In this practice, we will dive into the bliss of relaxation and allow ourselves a serene moment of calming our physical body and mind. 

Day 2: Enjoying the Pleasures of Life

Life is meant to be a joyous, pleasurable experience, yet we often don’t give ourselves permission to feel pleasure. Today we will understand where in our lives we aren’t allowing ourselves to experience pleasure. We will finally give ourselves a moment to feel truly good using all of our senses and we will learn how to apply this to our daily lives. 

Day 3: Savoring Your Desires

Today we will select some things that we feel truly ready to bring into our lives, and whatever they may be, we will start to connect with them. This is what it means to become deliberate; we don’t just say, “bring me all of the good!” but instead we get specific on what we actually want. 

Day 4: Imaginative Visualization of Your Desires

Day 5: The Emotional Connection

Day 6: Appreciating Nature

When we imagine and visualize, we literally create our reality as we wish to see it. This sets the manifestation process in overdrive because it helps empower us to know that if we can expect the thing that we want to see, then we will soon see it! Today we will visualize our desires with pure intention and focus.

Powerful vibrations are emitted from our emotions like waves. So, if that energy can be felt, imagine what the power of your positive, emotional desire can do to attract what you want to you? In this meditation we will try to really feel the emotions of our desires. 

Today we will use our focus and attention to appreciate the natural world around us. This is a very powerful part of the process and will help you troubleshoot when you’re manifesting. In our practice today, we will take a nature walk together and unlock all the ways nature can help us to manifest, to ground and to approach any issues that may arise in the process. 

Day 7: The Miracle of Abundance

Day 8: Living Your Desires

Day 9: Allowing and Trusting

Abundance is simply a way of saying that there is more than enough for you in your life, in all departments, and it makes you feel instantly lucky, blessed and worthy of receiving more. This, in and of itself, is enough to help you bring whatever you want to you. We will learn abundance practices to utilize at two important parts of your day: waking and sleeping. 

What does it feel like, look like, sound like, taste like - to have everything you want right now? This is the meditation where we really let go and imagine flowing in a sea of everything we want. It feels natural to have the things that are aligned with your soul's higher purpose in this life and we will do our best to reach that place in this meditation. 

Allowing is the last step in the creation process because we finally stop trying to control the situation and just let the Universe bring us what we want without forcing it. We will learn today how to do that deliberately. 

Day 10: thank you letter to the universe 

In this incredibly powerful practice we will connect everything we have learned over these ten days together. We will meditate and send up our very own "thank you letters" to the Universe for giving us all the things that we wanted and were asking for! This is like reverse engineering your desire, and the practice is something you can re-create time and time again with all the things you want to manifest in your future, too! 

As soon as you complete your payment, you will be redirected immediately to a link to download the files. Feel free to email with questions if you have them! marissabognanno@gmail.com

- marissa


This course is also available on insight timer under the name The Secret to effortless Manifestation!