The tarot offers up an opportunity for deep reflection and insight into our truth. The true Self wants you to understand what's really going on with you in times of trouble, and what you are supposed to learn from it. In this mini reading, I'll pull a few cards to help you with whatever is unsettling you at the moment and send you a detailed email about what emerged for you and how to move forward. Expect to feel clear, refreshed and renewed.

This service is for you if:

  • There are questions on your heart but you don’t feel like chatting

  • You’d prefer to have a written record 

  • You have a limited budget

The answers that arise are meant to help guide you and bring you peace or reassurance. You’d be surprised how much information and wisdom can come through in just a few cards! This service was inspired by my own experience with self-analysis through the tarot and realization that no matter the situation, the cards could deliver hope and peace.

Helpful notes: 

  • Try to avoid yes/no questions. For instance instead of “Will I get a new job this year?” a better option would be “How can I approach my job search?” “What is important for me to know about finding a new job?”

  • Once you complete your purchase below, send me an email with your questions or area of life where you’d like guidance. I’ll send you an email back with your reading in 1-3 days. 



Marissa provides the most honest and thought provoking insight. I am a firm believer that she is magical and I can say that there has not been a situation I have entered into where I have not looked to Marissa for insight. I always feel sturdier after our readings and I know that I'm loved and on the right path! 

After purchasing, please send me an email at with your questions!