• Marissa Bognanno

4 Effortless Meditation Tips

When I first started meditating regularly, I could not sit still. I could not stop my wandering mind from going (always) to food. Or to my itchy foot. Or to my grocery list. Or, or, or. I could not find that still, blissful place that so many yogis and seasoned meditators said would be the result.

Over time, though, I figured it out! It was like one day, it clicked. Here are the steps I took that I would love you to try, because the benefits of a regular practice are innumerable and absolutely WILL HELP YOUR WHOLE LIFE. I can't caps lock that enough, my friends. Ideas come when you meditate; the best ideas. A sense of well-being and calm melts over you. You become more focused in your daily rituals. Appreciation and connection with nature develops. More empathy and kindness creates better relationships. The list goes on and on!

Here's what I did:

1) Find the right time for you. When you have the time to be alone, undisturbed and feel alert enough to not fall asleep, then that is your perfect meditation time. I like to do it in the morning after I've had breakfast and gotten ready for the day, that way I'm not thinking too much about what I still have left to do. You can find that perfect time + space for yourself by practicing and seeing what works! Play with it.

2) Don't worry if thoughts arise! You cannot stop the brain, but you can relax it and keep it from wandering so much. I like to imagine the thoughts dropping into a still lake and my mind literally becoming that still water. After time, you'll only receive thoughts that are really coming from your Higher Self in order to lead you to an understanding or to give you important insight.

3) Follow what feels nice. I love breathing into my heart and imagining it opening like a flower, and that seems to be what helps me drop down into a peaceful place really quickly. Try different techniques and stick with the ones that you gravitate towards the most!

4) Be easy about it. When you force anything in life, you meet resistance, so use the same approach with your meditation. Even for myself there are good days and bad days and some days when I literally think of my to-do list (and food, haha) the whole time! That's natural! But then, you'll have this AMAZING session and it will fuel you to keep going and keep experimenting.

Remember, the inner world has much to show us and much to teach us. Allow yourself to just float along and enjoy the ride.


Want to meditate with me? I have free meditations as well as a course on Insight Timer available for you, right now, to start meditating and receiving the life-changing benefits of it!


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