• Marissa Bognanno

7 Instant Mood Boosters (so you can manifest better)

I know I talk about things being easy and effortless and fun and stuff,

but getting into alignment takes effort sometimes.

We have to literally pull a Cher and tell ourselves to "snap out of it!" and just go do the things we know make us feel better.

Here's a short list of some things I like to do to help me climb the emotional scale from blah to ahhh! Remember, when you feel better you can MANIFEST BETTER! You can't get to where you want from a place where you don't feel good; we have to feel emotionally moved in the direction of where we want to be first.

1) Meditate

2) Dance around the house or wherever I happen to be (yes, car dancing too)

3) Scroll through inspiring photos on Pinterest

4) Take a little nature walk

5) Write a letter to the Universe thanking it for everything awesome that's coming

6) Chug some lemon water

7) Read the notes I write to myself when I'm feeling down (I have these saved in a Google doc on my phone and they're filled with simple instructions like, "You can do this! Your soul wants you to do whatever it takes to find happiness in this moment." Etc.!)

And if this were your list, we could add:

8) Chat with Marissa! :)

I LOVE talking with you and helping you figure out how to feel better, think happier thoughts, feel good about yourself, resolve whatever it is that's getting you down and anything else that's on your mind! Now go forth and enjoy these little boosters, friends!


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