• Marissa Bognanno

Affirmations For Thriving

One of my techniques for creating a life I love is affirming with my words and my emotions.

I'll say my affirmations out loud or in my mind's eye while I'm brushing my teeth or in traffic or waiting in line or putting on my face cream at night. 

Affirmations can have a bad reputation (how does just saying something mean I'll get it?) - but what's important about them is that they can change your inner world through activating them with your emotions.

If you are moved emotionally by the words then they will have an impact on you and you will begin to actually believe them, which changes what you will experience in your life. 

Here are some affirmations you can say whenever you feel like it - you might want to copy and paste them in your phone somewhere so they're handy, or on a post it next to your bed!

I see life with eyes of love and I love what I see.

Life supports me and helps me in all of my endeavors.

I'm doing really well and I'm proud of myself.

Things are working out for me.

Joy surrounds me.

The cells of my body know how to find balance and wholeness. 

I am delighted by the natural wonders around me. 

I am comfortable in my life and well taken care of. 

My heart is open to receiving love of all kinds.

I am thankful for all the abundance in my life.

I love the work I get to do.

Unlimited possibilities and choices are everywhere for me. 

Remember, friends, the key to affirmations truly changing how you feel is saying them with an attitude of openness and belief that you can have those things. Pay attention to your emotions; if you feel like you're getting "zapped" when you say them because you doubt they can be true for you, just take a break and try again when you're feeling a bit more hopeful.

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