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How I Manifested My Dream Apartment (+ how you can too!)

Today I want to share this story with you in the hopes that you will realize that YOU are the creator of your life and you can literally make anything happen that you desire. Here are the steps I took to manifest my dream apartment.

I was at my friend Liz's house, chatting over tea, and I told her I finally felt emotionally ready to leave my Mom's house. (I had been living there for three months post-separation from my Italian husband and, subsequently, Italian life.)

We hopped on craigslist and found an adorable apartment. I emailed the realtor and she said it had just been given to someone else but that she had another place available and did I want to see it the next day? I said sure, even though I knew nothing about it, so I decided to write a list of all the things I wanted in a home.

Here is the exact page from my journal:

The appointment came with the realtor and as she opened the door to the apartment, I felt goosebumps all over. It had everything on my list. Right down to "interesting built-ins, bay window, wood floors, extra room for yoga, etc." EVERYTHING.

But, the realtor, didn't think I could afford it, and honestly, I probably realistically couldn't!

I was waitressing and had next to nothing at the time. My only asset was my car. I had never had credit cards because I didn't need them in Italy; I was like a college kid new into the world.

I had such a knowing this this was my place, though, that it was almost as if that energy was much stronger than her beliefs in my ability to pay for it.

She sighed at the door, "I really can't promise you anything, Marissa, because the landlord doesn't have much to go on here as far as your financials are concerned, but I'll do my best and let you know tomorrow."

I left the appointment with a spring in my step anyway, I found my place! It was mine. I had called it into being, dreamed it into being!

I went out with Liz the next day and we dreamed about the house. We planned how I would decorate and talked about how wonderful it would feel to be in there and what I would do when I got it. I didn't let doubt sink in, and I prayed so hard to my Nana that she help me get it.

As we were saying goodbye to each other, I got in my car and saw a message from the realtor. I GOT THE APARTMENT! I cried and laughed and called Liz and we screamed together and it was truly amazing.

Finally, I wrote in my journal,

"Dear Universe,

thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you.



And I really meant it.

I was moving into my own adorable apartment and I was going to make it work and I knew I would.

Moral of the story: don't ever let anyone else's doubt deter you from believing what you already know to be true. I just knew this was my apartment and no amount of other people's fear could stop me from getting it. Now, I can look back and say I DID IT! I am capable of so much and so are you.


If this inspired you and you would like more specific advice on how to manifest easily and effortlessly, check out my one on one sessions where I can help you with every detail of the manifestation process in the situation you're experiencing right now!


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