• Marissa Bognanno

The Key to Faster Manifestations

We all want what we want and we want it now! Actually, we want it yesterday. (Cue Veruca Salt screaming "I want it nowwww," and falling into the garbage chute.) But there's nothing that holds your manifestations farther away from you than...

...being in a hurry. When you're in a rush to get what you want, what you're really saying is that you think you will be happier when you have that thing. This is actually keeping it at arm's length from you.

The reason for this is because those thoughts are resistant. Resistant means they are full of conditions, doubt and fear - it's like you're basically saying you can't be happy unless you have these things, which is like telling life you aren't happy now. And, since like attracts like, then you'll keep getting things that are a match to unhappiness, which is what you're saying deep down. You're saying "I'm not happy, I need ____ to be happy."

So, how do we remedy all that?

The key to manifesting quicker is to find out how to feel good now and be excited about what's coming. Now is good and then is good, too. Find any way possible to convince yourself how good the here and now is:

- get out in nature

- go on a staycation

- be curious about something

- connect with an old friend

- go to a free event in your town

- cook something new - anything!

When you can say to yourself, and mean it, "I'm good now. Things are good for me and I'm looking forward to more goodness, too!" then you've made it.


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