I offer 30 + 60 minute phone sessions to help ground, guide and empower you. I use a unique formula custom tailored to you that consists of therapeutic advice, tarot, intuitive guidance and law of attraction principles to help you clear everything up so you can get to your destination. I usually start the call with you telling me a little bit about what's going on, the things you're working on or want to heal. Then, my focus is to help you get to that place. Also, I may take us to the spiritual side of things, but there's practical wisdom too. Everything that I suggest is most likely something I've tried that's really helped me, or that I've suggested to someone else and it's really helped them. Expect to feel encouraged and nourished by this call and to have clarity around the bumps in the road.


My clients choose this service to help them with:

  • Job stress

  • Relationship difficulties/breaks/breakups

  • Transition periods

  • Creative blocks

  • Body image

  • Worries about the future

  • Anxiety

  • Thinking better thoughts

  • Connecting to the divine self

  • Calming the mind

  • Self-love

and more

More details:

  • All sessions are 30 minutes ($55) or 60 minutes ($95) by phone only​

  • You may pay below using PayPal or Venmo me @m_bognanno

  • Leave your phone number in your email to schedule and I'll call you at the time of the session



"I felt a great relief after speaking with Marissa. It's like talking with a dear friend who knows me well and has my best interest at heart."

After purchasing, please send me an email at marissabognanno@gmail.com to set up the best time for you!