For the fourth year in a row, I'm thrilled to announce the Soul Guides are back! The Soul Guide is a custom audio recording packed with intuitive guidance personalized just for you. The guide covers answers to your questions about Self-Love, Career + Work, Love + Relationships, Health and a Bonus Message from your guides to help you most at this time. To craft this guide, I use my connection to spirit and my intuition, the Tarot and my years of offering guidance as a spiritual mentor and Law of Attraction teacher. 

  • After purchasing below, I will send you a form where you can ask your specific questions about Self-Love, Career + Work, Love + Relationships and Health

  • The guides are done on a first-come, first-served basis, so the timing of when you will receive your guide depends on how many orders I have. Typically, you can expect to receive your guide in 48-72 hours or less

  • I will text or email you your guide as an audio recording that you can save and listen to whenever you need to hear your supportive messages


"I feel like my Soul Guide is the gift that keeps on giving...every time I go back to it I get more and more insight." 

"OMG I cried from the Soul Guide! Thank you so much! I feel so much better."

"This is perfect Marissa! So many things resonated with me."

"I loved my soul guide so much, thank you! I especially love the line about the universe not providing full time resources for part time dreams….you are good!!!"


"Umm, so I didn't think it was possible to love you more but somehow it happened! I absolutely love the guide and I am hanging it in my room so I can remember it daily. I can not tell you how much your constant belief in me and support has truly meant to me."

"Just wanted to say the guide is wonderful and so helpful. :) I definitely want to do a longer card reading with you sometime soon."

"Thank you so much!!! I absolutely love my guide; so much positivity, empowerment and good vibes."

"Oh Marissa, I have been meaning to write and thank you ever since I received my Soul Guide and started crying because it resonated so much with me. So many of the suggestions are things I've recently been working on, and it is welcome reinforcement of the support and guidance I have within myself and from my angels."

"My daughter gifted me your Soul Guide and I just had to respond to tell you how much I admire your accuracy!"

"That was really wonderful - gave me a lot to think about which I love! Thank you so much."

"Oh I loved my guide so very much!! I am actually setting time aside this week to sit with it as part of my spiritual kick off of the year. Thanks for all the love you put into it....So grateful."