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Inside of you is a very clear and very real vision of what you want for yourself. 


And maybe you can see it already; your fulfilling career, your magnetic relationships, your thriving body, your limitless abundance...


But does it feel far away? 


Or have you been trying to find it and it just doesn’t seem to come?


Or are you confused about the next steps to take?


Join me in this special manifesting workshop to help you unlock the visions you have for your life so you can see that they are not only possible, but probable and inevitable! We will remove the limiting beliefs that you might have about your dreams in general and we will work on creating new pathways of thought so that these visions can come easily into your life.


First, I’ll discuss some manifestation fine-tuning principles and ideas to help you understand more clearly what is making your dreams feel like they’re behind a locked door. You are all free to ask any questions you might have at this point; even if you have a specific question about your own life, the collective always benefits! 


Then, I’ll lead you in a powerful guided meditation for 15 minutes where you will be able to connect with your higher self and the part of you that knows where to go and what to do to magnetize your greatest dreams to you. Meditation has been an invaluable tool for me over the years in manifesting every vision I've had for myself. 

After the meditation, I'll send everyone Reiki healing for approximately 15 minutes. Reiki works on our universal life force energy, therefore it helps us to remove what is stuck or blocked and enables the body to loosen its grip on patterns or fears. During the last workshop, many participants felt and received this healing energy in very tangible ways that helped them realize what they needed to do to figure out their path. 

Coming together with your dreams in mind will be a very powerful experience. I'm so looking forward to helping you all unlock your greatest visions for yourself for a magnificent life!


March 28th 7 - 8:15pm EST 

via Zoom


Give yourself a cozy place to sit or lay down with blankets or pillows if you want for the Reiki and meditation portion of the workshop


Replay will be sent out to all who purchase the workshop

*ENDED* Check back in for more workshops!